The XXL Suite


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The XXL Suite

The XXL suite includes a bedroom with its private bathroom-wc and a private living room just for you. This suite offers the maximum comfort and amenities. In your living room you can enjoy watching HD television from your sofa, a small fridge, a microwave, a kettle and the necessary kitchen utensils to eat in your suite if you wish. Located on the first floor facing the market square, this large XXL space is decorated with traditional flooring, high ceilings, wall moldings and a marble fireplace. It is the largest suite in the house.

Price starting from 120 euros per night*

*The price includes breakfast for two and secure parking space

Your private living room

Take advantage of a spacious private lounge located in front of your bedroom for TV evenings, reading, or to relax after a day spent exploring the region.

The XXL Suite

Sleeps 2 people

53 m2

1 x Queen Bed

Large Suite composed of a bedroom with old wooden floors and moldings on the ceiling, living room with TV, fridge and microwave. Private athroom (bathtub) and toilet accessible directly from the bedroom.

Located on the 1st floor of the house. Capacity: 2 adults

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